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How is it going in USA? Don't forget to visit my guestbook. Here's what's been happening lately:

08.03.2012: Oops, my shortcut domain (www.djmaraz.tk) expired, and I don't know if I can get it back. I registered a new one: www.maniacland.tk. Those .tk domains are free, and nowadays support A records in addition to frames (IT people should know what I'm talking about). Get yours here

29.09.2011: Wow! I've finally laid some groundwork for a new site. I probably won't be very active with it, though, and it's mostly for archiving the history of my production works with "Maniacland" artists, but at least I'll try to get most things working unlike the broken heap of trouble this site is.

14.04.2011: Sorry for just about abandoning this site of mine. I still have plans for a new one, but I still need a design and lots of time. I'm still very much alive and kicking, in case you were wondering. I just came across a funny site, where one can easily produce a personalized version of the club hit "Barbra Streisand" by Duck Sauce: gobarbra.com I bet record companies will soon close the site, since it seems to violate copyright laws, but try it while you can and make your friends laugh. For upcoming producers I could recommend this remix project site: ccmixter.org I'm quite enthusiastic about CC-licensed music and I hope it'll soon become widespread in the industry.

05.06.2009: Just wanted to mention that I obtained some new studio & DJ gear and, being very happy with them, I can recommend the same pieces of gear to everyone who's looking for similar stuff. Here are the most important new items:
Avlex S241/U3 condenser mic: A pretty unknown manufacturer, but the sound on this mic is incredible! Sounds better than some "traditional" studio mics with much fatter price tags. Good accessories, including a metallic pop shield. Suitable for vocals and just about any instrument.
Behringer MIC800 preamplifier: As if the mic didn't sound good enough, I bought this to power the mic, create warmth and provide some basic pre-processing, knowing it's a handy little gadget. The plastic casing isn't very convincing, but it sounds much better than it looks.
Swissonic TS22PCI: An aggressively priced clone of the excellent Terratec Phase 22 studio sound card. Low latency (ASIO) and generally good features. Multiple cards can be synchronized in case more recording channels are needed.
Numark Omni Control: This thing rocks... Feels almost as good as vinyls. Had some trouble getting it to work with DJ software other than the bundled Traktor LE (had to map some buttons and LEDs manually), but after that it's been pure joy. The sturdy metal casing is a must, knowing how rough deejaying can get. Now a complete DJ set (this controller and a laptop) and music fits inside a briefcase!

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